The APB Academy


Learning the Foundations

If you have the desire to learn to play  bagpipes, snare, tenor, or bass, the APB Academy has a lot to offer you. Designed to develop the competency and capability of the pipe band musician, the APB Academy is set up to provide tailored instruction guiding a new player to a high standard of proficiency, or a current player to a new competitive level. Our highly experienced instructors are dedicated to growing enthusiastic musicians and mentoring students along their journey to becoming the best player they hope to become.

The Atlanta Pipe Band understands that the future of the band’s success and the continuation of our musical heritage depends on the students we grow now. It is for this reason that we offer the APB Academy to any prospective musician with the willingness to dedicate their valuable time to learning an instrument.

Get Started

Top Instructors

Learn from a small group of experienced instructors for an in-depth education of the fundamentals.

It’s Free

We believe that investing in our members is the right way to build a band. Lessons are free of charge to those who become members of the APB.

weekly instruction

Lessons are once a week to keep your progress consistent and time commitment manageable.

Competition Ready

Graduates of the APB Academy have the necessary skills to become competitors in solo and band competitions.

The Instructors

Our instructors bring years of experience and expertise to players of all levels.

Patrick Osborne

Snare Drum

As a finalist in the grade 1 World Pipe Band Championships and professional class solo competitor, Patrick brings nearly two decades of successful experience in competitive pipe band drumming  to the Atlanta Pipe Band. His mastery of technique and unison execution/integration  brings an uncommon level of insight into the  performance of a corps and helps him effectively teach and inspire drummers at home in the APB and nationwide.


Rusty Smith


Rusty has decades of experience  teaching and competing with several  very successful bands in the southeast. Highly knowledgeable of the style and evolution of pipe band music, Rusty provides students with a rock solid foundation they can build on for years to come.


Robbie Rogers


Robbie got his first set of pipes at age eight. His  foundational tuition came from Robert (Bob) Gilchrist, pipe major of the seminal 1960s Wilmington Pipe Band. After laying the pipes down for several decades, Robbie returned to piping in the early aughts, began solo competitions, and co-founded North Georgia Pipes & Drums. He has enjoyed every minute of piping since. He joined the Atlanta Pipe Band in late 2017. He has learned from John Bottomley, Andrew Douglas and Pipers Dojo, all of his pipe majors, and the judges in the EUSPBA. His favorite practice location is Chattahoochee Point Park.