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 Mixolydian Since 1970

For many, playing the pipes is a lifelong avocation – one that can be filled with world travel, performing for enthusiastic crowds or discerning judges, and close friendships. It’s an ancient instrument with origins that are sometimes debated. One thing is for sure, you don’t have to be Scottish to play them. Having only nine notes, you would think the pipes would be easy to master; however, that is not their reputation, and for good reason. From a culture that invented a game where you must knock a tiny ball way off into the distance (too far to really see) with a skinny club, into a hole just bigger than the ball, 18 times in a row, comes an instrument that requires a poor soul to blow into a bag with every ounce of strength his lungs possess,  then force it back out of the bag (in just the right way), with his elbow, through four tubes (which are challenging to tune) blocked by hard wooden reeds. What were they thinking? Perhaps it was all concocted after a late night at the pub.  Anyway, when done properly, the result is some very captivating music.

Our pipe corps is always working hard to deliver an exciting and musical performance, no matter the setting. We practice to push our technical abilities and rehearse to extract every bit of music from a performance. Anyone with a desire to grow as a musician, and dedication to do their best, will find themselves a good fit in the APB’s pipe corps.

If you have experience playing the bagpipes, that’s fantastic. We’d love for you to contact us.

If you would like to learn the bagpipes, we encourage you to check out the APB Academy.

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Examples of what it is like to play the bagpipes in the APB.

Come visit us at practice

We welcome players at all levels to join us at rehearsal to experience first-hand what we do. We rehearse at Shallowford Presbyterian Church in Northeast Atlanta from 7:30 – 9:30pm every Thursday night.

2375 Shallowford Rd, Atlanta, GA 30345