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Experience From the Competition Fields Brought to You.

The Atlanta Pipe Band engages in competition all across North America, not only for the excitement of competing, but because it pushes us to become the best musicians we can be. We never rest in our pursuit of constant improvement and the results shine through when we perform.

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Passion in all we do.

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A Unique Experience

Most people rarely experience the energy and excitement a good pipe band can deliver. It’s certainly not the kind of entertainment expected outside of a highland games. If you are looking to make your event one that creates lasting memories, a performance by the Atlanta Pipe Band is not a bad way to do it. Or, you can just be ordinary.

A Band for Every Occasion

Think bagpipes are only for funerals and weddings?  They’re actually much more diverse. We can arrange a band to suit your needs.

We Make it Easy

Have you ever hired a pipe band before? Of course not. It’s actually very easy. However, there are a few things you should know before hiring any pipe band. Let us help keep unwanted surprises to a minimum so you can have confidence in your plan.

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May 2021

9:00am- All day

Atlanta, GA – Commencements, Emory Schools



May 2021


Atlanta, GA – Commencement, Lovett School