50th Anniversary
Commemorative Challenge Coin

Atlanta Pipe Band Pipe Major

This year the Band is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

Founded in November 1970, the Atlanta Pipe Band marks its 50th anniversary this year. To celebrate this special occasion the band commissioned a limited quantity of commemorative challenge coins. The coin has a diameter of 1 3/4 inches with the front face of the coin depicting the current band logo and the reverse side displaying the original band logo from 1970.

These unique coins are available for only $15.00 per coin. For orders within the United States, shipping charges are included in the price. For international destinations, please contact the band Quartermaster to arrange shipping.

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Thank you for supporting the Atlanta Pipe Band!


Atlanta Pipe Band Pipe Major

John Recknagel

Pipe Major


Atlanta Pipe Band Pipe Sergeant

Rob Rogers

Pipe Sergeant


Atlanta Pipe Band Drum Sergeant

Patrick Osborne

Drum Sergeant